Red, White, and Blue Cake

Happy 4th of July!! If you are heading out to a picnic or having people over, I have the perfect dessert for you. It is super easy too!! Recipe below.


White cake mix

Ingredients on the cake mix box

Red food coloring

Blue food coloring

White frosting


1. Mix cake per directions on the box.

2. Split up the cake batter into 3 bowls. One bowl for blue, one for red, and one that stays white.

3. Add red food coloring to one bowl and blue to another. 

4. Pour the red batter into the bottom of the cake pan (I used a bundt pan). Pour the white batter over the red so the white covers the red. Pour the blue batter over the white, the blue does not have to cover the white.

5. Bake according to the box.

6. Once the cake cools, frost the cake with the white frosting. Split some frosting between 2 bowls, and put red food coloring in one and blue in the other. Heat up the frosting for 5 seconds in the microwave to make it easy to pour on the cake.

You really can’t go wrong, cake tastes great and it is festive!


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