Disney’s Food and Wine Festival 2015

Friday was the opening of the 20th Annual Disney Food & Wine Festival at Epcot. Mom and I braved the 93 degree heat and the crowds to give you a taste of the festival. 

First things first, you need a passport, or you don’t it doesn’t matter. It is fun though to get a stamp at each country/marketplace you eat at and this will probably be the only passport I have that will have this many stamps in it. 

We started our journey at the Farm Fresh booth and had the Loaded Mac ‘n’ Cheese with Nueske’s Pepper Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, Peppers, and Green Onions. 

It is a very big serving compared to some of the other dishes available at the other marketplace stands. It was good, the peppers make it a bit spicy so if you aren’t into that then this isn’t for you. I don’t like spicy and to me this wasn’t bad. 

Next we headed to Mexico! We tasted the Chilaquiles de Pollo: Corn Chips layered with Seasoned Chicken, Queso Fresco, Sour Cream, and Cilantro. 

I am sure it is a surprise that I even tried this, but it was pretty good. The serving size was also pretty big, we shared and I felt it was enough of a taste.

The next three are part of my heritage so these were a can’t miss. 

Germany: Apple Strudel with Vanilla Sauce

Small serving, and wasn’t as good as I have had in the past. Still good and still a must eat. 

Poland: Kielbasa and Potato Pierogi with Carmalized Onions

Such a small serving and I would rather of had more pierogi less kielbasa. 

Italy: Ravioli alla Caprese: Cheese Ravioli, Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella, Parmesan and Basil

Amazing! I seriously need this sauce recipe. This may be the only sauce I actually enjoy a lot of. I could eat this dish everyday. So good!

After that sprint of eating we took a break from eating and watched a concert by American Music Machine. They were a young accapella group. Not bad, nice to sit and take a break away from all the crowds. 

Concert ended and we were back it. 

Morocco: Baklava

I think it would be easier to just pick it up and eating it. It doesn’t really cut very well. It was so delicious though! 

Lastly we had to have a Dole Whip an a Croissant Doughnut.

The Dole Whip was so refreshing to eat in the hot sun and as always the Croissant Doughnut does not disappoint.

You all need to visit the festival, I may suggest you wait until end of October when the temps cool down a bit. It is a fun time and they have concerts every night with some awesome acts. You can check out more information at Walt Disney World Food & Wine Festival. Also the  Disney Food Blog is a great blog for even more food photos from all the booths at the festival. 


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