Friday Finds – – Doughnut Pan

Now, I can’t rant and rave about this item because I haven’t used it yet, but really how can you go wrong? You can make your own donuts!

Donut Pan

This pan comes with a donut recipe and even better, it is in multiple languages! It is made by Wilton and I got mine at Bed Bath and Beyond. With my coupon it was only $8.47. Thanks to my coworker for coming with me to purchase this and encountering the fun BBB worker who told me when he works in case I wanted to bring him some donuts.

Since I can’t say from experience how great this pan is, the reviews online give it a 4.8/5. I would say that is pretty good and I cannot wait to try it out this weekend! If you come back on Sunday, you can find out how well this pan worked out for the donuts I am going to make. We may be getting a hurricane here, so might as well have donuts ready just in case!

You can also easily purchase this from Amazon. http://Wilton Six Standard Doughnut Pan 2105-8603 , 1″ deep, 13″ long



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