A New Spin On Spaghetti

Last night’s dinner turned into more than I expected. I had pulled out chicken in the morning with every intent on just baking it, putting it on some old Jimmy Johns bread and calling it a day. What happened when I got home, turned into a really delicious dinner.

I had the chicken defrosting in the fridge all day, so when I got home I stuck it in a ziplock bag and marinated it for a few minutes in honey mustard dressing. I then stuck it in the oven for 33 mins (I know very random number) on 350 degrees. At about 15 minutes into the baking, I decided to make some spaghetti. I am not a huge fan of red sauce, so I was just going to add a little butter to it. Well, I concocted something a little different.

Once the spaghetti was done cooking, I drained the water, and put it back in the pot. I added:

  • a spoonful of butter
  • a few drops of lemon juice
  • some pepper
  • some bread crumbs.

I didn’t measure anything out and just kind of threw everything in to my taste liking. I mixed it all around and what I ended up with was pretty delicious. It gave it a little different taste than normal and it actually complimented my chicken nicely. I have seen some recipes use olive oil instead of butter, but I didn’t have any of that handy. It was quick to just throw in ingredients I had in the house. You could also add garlic, if you are into that sort of thing.

Instead of putting the chicken on the Jimmy bread, I made garlic bread in the oven with it! I realize there aren’t any vegetables on this dish, but I promise I ate a lot of vegetables at lunch (even some I just tried for the first time on Monday).

photo(37)All in all, this meal took 33 minutes to make! I actually timed everything perfectly for a change! Nice and quick weekday meal, and of course I have some leftovers for lunch tomorrow (major bonus)!



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