Dairy Free Alfredo Sauce

I am back!! Sorry there wasn’t a post last Sunday, I was out of town. Since there wasn’t a post last week I knew I had to come back with something great! I think we nailed this one. Minus the blender mishap, things turned out pretty well.

As you know, I can’t have alfredo sauce since there is a lot of dairy in it. Well, we have found a winning replacement! I am just as surprised as you are, that I even liked this. I have never eaten cauliflower ever in life, I just assumed I didn’t like it (yes I am one of those people). This recipe uses cauliflower so it’s even healthy for you! Below is an awesome recipe for dairy free alfredo, but if you wanted to use regular milk you could.

Dairy Free Alfredo:

8 cloves of garlic, minced

2 tablespoons butter

5-6 cups cauliflower florets

6-7 cups vegetable broth

1 teaspoon salt (hilarious! I forgot this one when I made it!)

1/2 teaspoon pepper

1/2 cup milk (I used vanilla almond milk)

1. Saute the minced garlic and butter in a skillet on low heat. Cook until garlic is soft and fragrant.

2. Bring water to a boil and add cauliflower. Cook covered for 7-10 mins or until tender.

3. In a blender, combine cauliflower, 1 cup vegetable broth, sauteed garlic butter from #1, salt, pepper, and milk. Blend or puree until sauce is smooth. You can add more milk or broth depending on how thick you want the sauce to be.

photo 2 (3)

After I blended everything, I put it into a pan and added spaghetti noodles and broccoli for a few minutes to make sure the sauce was hot enough to eat. You could add chicken or shrimp to this as well. I was definitely hesitant about this recipe as I am quite the picky eater. It ended up being very good. You can definitely half this recipe as it makes a lot. I did a little less than half and it turned out to be more than enough for a serving. You can obviously make your own variations to the recipe. Try it out and see if you like it, this is one that anyone would like.

photo 1 (3)




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